The Buttonista Podcast: All Hail Hoda Kotb


Happy FREAKIN FEBRUARY! It’s time to tighten up that turtleneck, bundle the f up (again, still, whatever) and brace yourself for another month of winter here in good old Upstate New York. Unless you listen in from California –and in that case, The Buttonista might as well just go tell you to f*ck off until May or June. This week on The Buttonista Podcast, there’s plenty of room for ALL OF US on Spotify, even those with different opinions or hot takes #NobodyAskedMe for. The meat of the show is all about TODAY Show star Hoda Kotb calling off her engagement and what we can learn from her brave moment to set herself up for a brighter, happier future ahead. Also: Rihanna’s baby bump, experimenting with a new dairy alternative and how Instagram/HBO Max is bringing eyeshadow back.


Nobody Asked Me, But… (0:26)

The Harvest Moon is setting on Spotify (1:30)

Buttonista Podcast now available in video form on Facebook (3:40)

January recap brought to you by Metabolic Ballston Spa (5:43)

The theory on falling in love with a bald guy (8:34)

Who let the dog out (22:23)

Hoda Kotb calls off her engagement + how to help someone stuck in an “eh” relationship (29:16)

The Buttonista’s key advice for a solid relationship (39:59)

5 Random Things brought to you by Manscaped – use promo code BUTTONISTA for 20 percent off and free worldwide shipping at (43:15)

Best enjoyed with a Miller Lite.




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