The Buttonista Podcast: Performing Light Duties

Thank God It’s Tuesday! The Buttonista is back in her yellow chair from a different room but with the same –OK maybe a little bit more — amount of energy than usual. If you haven’t joined the #FirstSipClub yet, grab a cup of your favorite beverage, from coffee to Miller Lite (it’s all Buttonista Approved), and stream the latest episode of the show now.


2.22.22 (0:20)

Nobody Asked Me, But… (2:02)

Coming back from a weekend away (to my mom’s house) (2:25)

Mr. Formal Wear is enhancing the vibe of the Clifton Park Center…Mall (4:37)

Reiterating one of my #1 wedding day and engagement day rules (7:46)

An unfortunate end to the Winter Olympics in Beijing (11:57)

Prayers up to frozen penis kid and the Queen of England (15:29)

The 50 Degrees in February Phenomenon (20:05)

5 Random Things brought to you by Manscaped (28:01)

Britney Spears banking $15M on a book deal (30:45)

Who wants to slide into my DMs to talk about Russia (33:10)

Banning myself from matching sets (37:11)

Announcing my stance on the best soap for the shower (44:19)

See you FRIDAY for a bonus episode of the Buttonista!

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This show is best enjoyed with a Miller Lite.



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