The Buttonista Podcast: A Small Hole in a Matching Set


After riding a very brief high during one of the biggest weeks of Buttonista content performance to-date, Taylor is quickly put back in her place with a night out at a college bar and a remarkable comment from her mom about her current state in life (and in fashion). Listen to this week’s episode to find out what a life-changing addition to shopping carts could be, things a wedding DJ should not do, and the new day of the week the Buttonista is verbally committing to bringing you another show.


Nobody Asked Me, But.. (1:13)

All in favor of the double decker shopping cart (3:51)

A big week in Buttonista Land (6:48)

Stop abbreviating the word “numbers” (9:10)

Thoughts on being at a college bar post-college (16:36)

The Buttonista might have a weird thing with hands (23:15)

Team wedding ceremony (27:08)

Some harsh DJ critiques (30:58)

I’m losing it (37:53)

Manscaped is enhancing shower time with the Ultra Premium Collection (42:12)

This show is best enjoyed with a Miller Lite.



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