Behind the Buttons: Our Washington County Adventure

Tune in as we recap the week and brainstorm the future of Two Buttons Deep (live from The Bullpen in Glens Falls):

-How not to flip a Corona (1:30)

-Free Crepe Day at the Skinny Pancake (4:40)

-Our adventure to Granville, NY (5:55)

-Glens Falls Girl (13:40)

-Taylor’s tears at the gala (17:45)

-The Sr. Buttonista”s plan for Jack (23:23)

-The gems of Schenectady (26:40)

-Top 3 places to get dogged up (30:40)

-Post of the week (35:45)

When we’re driving through rural Washington County and happen upon a zoo, you better believe we pull over to see what’s in store. Tune in to our latest Behind the Buttons podcast for the full story.



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