Two Buttons Deep (2BD) is a digital entertainment company based in the Great Upstate and beyond. Our social media content is geared toward the primary age demographic of 25-34-year-olds living in the Capital Region and throughout Upstate New York. Through our unique team of media personalities and talented producers, Two Buttons Deep is a fast-growing media company where followers can come to learn about the latest happenings in the area and simply be entertained by our team’s adventures and content created from living and loving life Upstate.

Since 2016, 2BD co-founders Jack and Taylor have been building Two Buttons Deep from a small blog to the fastest-growing media outlet in the Capital Region with over 150,000 followers.


Jack Carpenter, co-founder and executive producer

Jack is an Upstate NY native, co-founder of Two Buttons Deep and our trusted, creative “Cap’n Jack.” After teaching himself the art of creating video for the web in middle school, he had surpassed one million views on YouTube by the time he finished his freshman year in high school. Continuing that momentum into college, Jack studied broadcasting at Champlain College in Burlington, VT. While there, he hosted a late-night talk show that aired across the state of Vermont, and even landed him an Emmy Award at the College Television Awards in 2014.

Jack also interned for Conan O’Brien and appeared on an episode of Jimmy Fallon along the way. After graduating college in 2015, he took his production skills on the road for a college-based website and toured the country for six months creating original content. And now, Jack is the head of all the video production, editing and social media here at 2BD. He has an incredible eye for storytelling, loves to make people laugh and knows how to put out a quality product on social media that has contributed to our growing follower count.

Taylor Rao, co-founder, personality and new business lead

Taylor has spent the past decade as a journalist with Hearst Newspapers, and uses her editorial eye and professional marketing background to bring strategy, copywriting, and new business development to grow the 2BD brand through partnerships and advertising. By day, she is a writer, social media manager and brand strategist, and off-hours she’s working on new business proposals, hosting her weekly show, The Buttonista Podcast, and creating new content with the 2BD Team. Taylor and Jack met in middle school, and since then have spent countless years adventuring, going #ButtonsDeep and building the brand to where it is today.

Currently, Two Buttons Deep employs a team of half a dozen creative personalities, from on-camera talent to behind-the-scenes producers and strategists. The goal is to encourage the growth of the area’s creative economy and to create job opportunities in Upstate NY that typically only exist in major metropolitan cities.





Two Buttons Deep hosts a growing number of brands under its umbrella, including Buttonista, Pupstate New York and Around Albany. Each account represents a different niche, and is able to deliver content to a specific audience.



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