Kids Explain Easter

“The Easter Bunny is a bunny, but that one’s just a girl.”

Circle Jerking is a Painstaking Process

Quality beef jerky available anywhere you can find John Longton.

Fashion Friday: The Capital Region’s Best Dressed This Week

Rounding up the local looks of the week right here on Two Buttons Deep.

What’s Your Favorite Old School Restaurant in Upstate NY?

We’re seeking locations to shoot for season 2 of Upstate Old School

Ten Questions Deep with Maria Perreca Papa

Perreca’s Bakery has a 105-year history of baking the best bread not only in the Capital Region, but maybe in the entire world.

The Bachelor’s Chop – Sausage Party

A good old fashioned sausage party. Mmmm.

Ale House Wing Roulette

We have hot wings mixed with the Capital Region’s hottest wings, and there’s only one way to decipher which is which…

I’m Declaring Our Golden Age of Country Music DEAD

Tragically, it has become what the haters have been saying for so long: IT’S ALL THE SAME.

The Jack or John Show – Oh Say Can You See Us Now?

The Jack or John show documents stories from the ups and downs of two young men living their best life in the Capital Region.

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Ale House Wing Roulette

If you know Troy, you probably know Tom Nardacci. And Tom Nardacci knows Troy more than anybody, including a few hidden tips and tricks like the Ale House Wing Roulette. I’m not sure if he made this up or if it’s tradition, but it’s a hell of a ride for wing lovers. We have hot wings mixed with the Capital Region’s hottest wings, and there’s only one way to decipher which is which…

John and I Crushed Our National Anthem Audition

Not to brag, but John and I crushed our national anthem audition yesterday at Crossgates.

This all stemmed from Dan writing that he wanted to audition, so I got the idea that it would be funny for us to do it as a quartet, since I know damn well from Karaoke (we host every Thursday 8-10PM Troy Kitchen) that none of us have the lungs to get us there solo. So I sent the idea out to the squad and Marko didn’t even respond to the madness, Dan was in, but ended up having a conflict at work last minute, so it was up to John and I to carry the torch.

We “went in dry” aka did not rehearse a single note. We just prayed it came to us the way it does while patronizing a sports event, and God answered.


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