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I Talk Last Minute Valentine’s Day Gifts With Northeastern Fine Jewelry

Some people like to keep things nice and simple for Valentine’s Day, like taking themselves or their sweetie for a 50-cent cone at Stewart’s. And hey, there’s nothing wrong with that considering February 14 is one of the most made-up commercial holidays that gets people all buttered up to spend money on something –anything– for their S.O.

But, despite the amount of V-Day haters out there, there are just as many people who go all out for this heart-filled holiday, and those people A) have bank accounts with more digits than I have on both my hands and B) must REALLY be like, Beyonce-style Crazy in Love with their “person.”

Regardless of which one you are though, you can for sure give the gift of jewelry for the lady or man in your life. And while part of you might think you have no business being in a high-end jewelry store to make that last minute purchase, Northeastern Fine Jewelry has a lot of affordable, trendy Valentine’s Day gifts that I would certainly accept if someone wanted to gift them to me *cough, cough*.

Earlier this week, I got to sit down with Gregg who showed me some of those “Crazy in Love” as we’ll call it options (like a $300,000 one-of-a-kind ring he trusted me to try on), and then some earrings, watches and necklaces that retail at $300 or less –which is a steal if you ask me.

Check it out and have yourself a Happy Valentine’s Day doing what you love (or who you love).

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