The Squadcast – July 21 (Gary Dake)

Live from the Inn at Five Points in Downtown Saratoga.

Someone Added Juggling Balls to Deangelo Vickers Routine From The Office and it is Hilarious

The Office would’ve never existed in our soft society today.

We Have a Winner for Our First Ever Fashion Friday Competition

We’re taking the Capital Region’s Best Dressed list to a new level where one person will be crowned champion each week.

What Does Your Boss Think You’re Doing While You’re At The Track?

It’s 11AM on a Thursday, do you know where your employees are?

The Squadcast – July 14 (Rex Smith, Madison Vandenburg)

After two years of hard work, and basically throwing shit at the wall and seeing what sticks, this show is the beginning of my vision being fulfilled.

Fashion Friday: The Capital Region’s Best Dressed of the Week

Rounding up the best local looks of the week right here on Two Buttons Deep, brought to you by ZARA at Crossgates Mall.

I Have a Secret to Tell You About the Most Popular Outfit I Have Ever Worn

You’re not going to believe where I found this ‘fit.

2BD Will Be Broadcasting From The Saratoga Race Track All Summer Long

If you don’t know what button by button is, this is it.

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Week 2’s Fashion Friday Winner Is…

ICYMI: Fashion Friday will resume as usual every Friday afternoon thanks to our friends at ZARA at Crossgates Mall, and you can check out the nominees on the 2BD Instagram story and the 2BD blog right here. Then, during Saturday’s live taping in Saratoga, I’ll run through my list with the boys and they will VOTE on an official winner.** On Sunday evening when the Squadcast goes up on, you can watch and see who the true winner of Fashion Friday is for the week.

**I get to make the executive decision if I disagree, based on my fashion expertise over these silly squad members who are only just now stepping up their fashion game. Sorry not sorry ’bout it.

OK, now that we recapped the rules and how this is going to go, it’s time to announce who this week’s winner is from our Capital Region’s Best Dressed list. Our weekly winner will receive a $50 ZARA gift card to help fund future fashionable purchases, so that means you better step your style up a notch and compete this summer!

We Handed Out Free Ice Cream to the Saratoga Backstretch Workers

It was seriously hot in Saratoga this past weekend, and while the races at the Saratoga Race Course were canceled for Saturday, that didn’t mean everybody in Toga Town got a bonus day off. We shot the Squadcast business as usual, and on the show, we talked a lot about the late Marylou Whitney as she had just passed away at the age of 93 a day before we filmed.

The entire Squad was blown away by the philanthropic work Whitney did throughout her career, all while being a vibrant, energetic, kind-hearted person who welcomed and accepted everybody into her circle. We did a lot of research about her life and legacy, and felt really touched by her love for giving back to the backstretch workers at the track.

So, we figured we would do a little something in her memory and treat the folks behind-the-scenes in Saratoga to some Stewart’s ice cream on the hottest day of the year. Surely, we could’ve gone downtown and surprised some tourists or locals walking up and down Broadway, but it made a lot more sense to do what Marylou would do. #OurPresident Gary Dake hooked us up with the brand new Chocolate Peanut Butter vegan flavor, and plenty of spoons and napkins to go around.

Being in the moment filming this, I had one of those “holy shit” moments where you look around and kinda wonder how you got here. We’ve come so far as a company, yes, but sometimes the coolest part is reflecting on all the amazing things we’ve been able to do in the position we are at right now. Taking a few minutes to talk with new people from different cultures, share stories, trade ice cream for a Corona (yeah, that really happened) made me feel super appreciative and grateful for the community the 2BD Squad gets to be a part of.

Check out this exclusive clip from the Squadcast, and get out there and try this vegan “frozen dessert” –I guess it’s technically not ice cream by definition –at your local Stewart’s today.

The Squadcast – July 21 (Gary Dake)

When we said every Sunday at 8PM, we really meant it. Sure, it’s 10PM. But we got this episode out as quickly as technology would allow, and it’s worth it. The races were cancelled when we were suppose to tape at the track, so we rolled with the punches and set up shop in the yard of our new favorite inn, the Inn at Five Points.

Per the cancellation, it was a brutally hot day to be wearing a suit. I did it to honor our sponsor Mark Thomas, but come to think of it, he’d probably prefer we didn’t (we don’t get to keep the suits). However, we powered through for another great episode with some TU reporters dropping in, our intern redeeming himself to save his job, and Gary Dake saving the day by taking us to the coldest place in the Capital Region.




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