TONIGHT! Round 2 of Karaoke Cup Auditions At The Troy Kitchen

Signups start at 8. See you then! 

The Bachelor’s Chop – Daley’s On Yates

Put this place on your list. 

John Longton Has Jumped Ship

John Longton has...

10 Questions Deep – Carm Basile (CEO of CDTA)

Brought to you by ZARA at Crossgates Mall

We Are Searching For The Capital Region’s Best Karaoke Performer

The winner takes home $500!

Sureet On The Street – Where Is The Best Chicken Sandwich?

First installment of Sureet On The Street.

Kirsten Gillibrand Could Have Been President If She Campaigned For America To Go Limitless Buttons Deep

Limitless buttons deep is the most honorable thing I’ve ever heard her say.

The Squadcast – August 25 (Spit In Your Plate Gate)

The squad gets together each week to discuss all stuff worth talking about from the Capital Region & beyond.

I Accept Manory’s Plategate Resolution, Under Two Conditions…

Manory’s, the ball is on your plate. 

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Sureet On The Street – Where Is The Best Chicken Sandwich?

Sureet On The Street – Where Is The Best Chicken Sandwich?

Listen guys, we’ve all heard about the chicken sandwich debacle. Popeyes or Chick-fil-A? To me, I don’t quite get the hype, maybe it’s because I’m Canadian, or maybe because it’s that these places don’t have the best chicken sandwiches? So in today’s installment of Sureet On The Street (yeah, that’s a thing now) I went out to find out where the BEST chicken sandwich is at…


The Squadcast –September 1, 2019

The Squadcast –September 1, 2019

This week, the squad wrapped up their final episode of the Squadcast at the Saratoga Race Course. They discussed:

– The top moments in Saratoga this season
– The elusive #ButtonsDeepIPA
– Kirsten Gillibrand going “limitless buttons deep” at The Bradley
– Taylor checks out the Saratoga Harness Track
– Sureet on the Street
– The best chicken sandwich at the Saratoga Race Course
– A new squad member????

Shout out to all of the sponsors who helped the 2BD Squad make a splash for the biggest stage the Squadcast has been on to-date: Mark Thomas Men’s Apparel, Circles, Alexandria’s Beauty Salon, ZARA, and Crossgates Mall.

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John Longton Has Jumped Ship

John Longton Has Jumped Ship

John Longton has officially jumped the ship that is Two Buttons Deep. It stinks, but it came down to a business decision for which we could not agree on. John has been with us for a little over a year now (Taylor and I have been doing this since 2016, mind you) and...

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