Yellowstone tourists cause death to baby Bison by caring about animals too much, basically

American tourists accidentally second-hand murder an innocent baby Bison because this is America andsome of us don’t know too much. Here’s what happened…

On May 17th, a car of tourists found a bison in Yellowstone National Park and put it in the back of their car in an attempt to saveit from the cold. Tragically, the calf had to be euthanized when it was rejected by its herd following the car incident.


Now there’s a lot of questions you could ask:

Why was the Bison rejected?

Whydidn’t they just bring it to a zoo?

What makes you think baby bison couldn’t handle the cold and you’re the first one to discover that?

Well, luckily we have this charming weatherman from somewhere, Idaho. Let him break it down for you…

Summary of what he said:

1.) They couldn’t ship the calf anywhere outside of the park because there’s a quarantine preventing the spread of brucellosis.

2.) The National Park Service does not have the resources, nor is it the Park Service’sjob, to care for abandoned animals.

Welcome to the harsh realities of the animal kingdom. Now go call your family and thank them for not doing the same.



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