New Dad Takes it Upon Himself to Live Broadcast Wife’s Birth on Facebook

Fakamalo Kihe Eiki from California, made the executive decision to go ahead and just toss up a live stream to Facebook of his partner, Sarah Dorme, with “her knees up around head,” giving birth for ~200,000 people to watch. And oh yeah, she had no idea it was happening.

There is A LOT to unpack here, but as a “writer” (a term I use very loosely), I have an obligation to get knee deep in this web sharing viral birth video (and no, that doesn’t include actually watching it, no way, no how, I was in the 9th grade once and I’m still recovering from that video).

Sarah Dome, the women whose undercarriage was put on display for the world, later said that even though she didn’t know she was being filmed that it was “pretty cool.” Pretty cool? Pretty cool, huh Sarah? That sounds more like pretty cool aka I can’t say I’m having strong feelings about murdering the father of my child when it is still the tender age of zero days old.

Mr. Eiki went on to say “I wanted our baby to remember it. It’s something for him to remember when he grows up.” Whoa new dad, lets go ahead and pump the breaks. As an experienced child and now semi-adult, I can speak from a place of expertise when I say there is absolutely no desire EVER to watch yourself being born. Watching your own birth ranks right up there just behind watching your own conception when it comes to shit you never ever want to see.

There’s a reason that you remember very limited things from your childhood, and guess what, the moment you crowned and exited your mother is not one of them.

Once, if possible, you wrap your mind around the sheer insanity of doing this, you have to look at the conceivably even more insane activity of watching it. 400 shares and ~200,000 views, that’s the equivalent of every single person in Samoa checking out you giving birth.

Next, how furious do you have the right to be if a live birthing video is shared onto your timeline? How about no Aunt Millie, I don’t care how beautiful you think the miracle of life is, we are now virtually and literally no longer friends.

Some comments on the video I strongly agree with:

And some that I take issue with…

“Man she is strong!” - Ofa Fatafehi
“You can do it, push!” - Lini N Neyo Pome’e
“Mazel Tov to mom, dad and all family and friends! Thanks for sharing this to the world!” - Matthew Rappaport

Guys… come on what are we doing here commenting on the birth/physical prowess of strangers….


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