Breaking ‘Views:’ Drake’s (new) biggest fan

I am unbelievably, unapologetically late to the Drake party. Him and I just don’t go that far back; not to the Degrassi days or These and Other Things. It’d be silly to say I’ve never heard of the guy, but I was a true stranger to Drake’s early years of rap game fame.

Yes, the radio hits are familiar, but I never sought out new mixtapes or collaborations. There was the time where I ‘Google’d what “Yolo” meant, having no one or nowhere to credit the phrase. I once bought a Toronto Raptors shirt on Amazon for $12.99.

And then there was Views. Well, back up. And then there was the Apple Music commercial featuring Taylor Swift singing Jumpman, and overnight I’m Drake’s (new) biggest fan. Don’t ask me how it happened, or why, because it’s irrelevant. After a new album release and a stellar SNL performance, I feel like yup! We just became best friends.

It’s basically like learning you were adopted and after some serious searching, you finally find your birth family. I’ve discovered Drake way too late in life, but at least now I have years and years of musical memories to catch up on.

So if you need me, I’ll be streaming Views on repeat via Spotify until the HR department files a complaint for playing explicit music out loud from my desk.





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