Would you ride Greezed Lightnin’?

The Great Escape, a Six Flags theme park in Lake George, NY is launching a new ride in the park’s new Hot Rod, USA themed section for the upcoming season.

First of all, what? Hot Rod theme? I feel like hoverboards are a bit more popular with the kids these days than a 1950’s automobile or the title of a 2007 Andy Samberg comedy. It’s also named Greezed Lightnin’ which I’m pretty sure resonates with absolutely no one.

Anyways, the ride is seven stories tall and accommodates four passengers per car who face one another versus the two-passenger, one direction ride on traditional roller coasters. Seems like a great way to get projectile vomited on face first compared to a sneak attack of digested popcorn kernel, slurpee-blue liquid from behind if you ask me.

Greezed Lightnin’ comes in the shape of a perfect circle that loops passengers around 360 degrees, hangs upside down for a record time while throwing you through seven inversions and rocking back and forth like a pendulum swing, according to News Channel 10’s report.

Check out the demo of the ride below. Would you ride it?




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