Stephen Colbert goes on his own Kanye-esque rant about nothing


On May 19th, the King of Everything, Kanye West made a completely necessary appearance on Ellen’s daytime television show.”It was pure, unadulterated Kanye because no one else was allowed to speak. For almost eight minutes, Kanye held forth on every subject, from ‘Kanye’ to ‘West,'” Stephen Colbert said of the rapper’s Ellen appearance on Friday’s Late Show.

Colbert then showed his audience just snippets of West’s now-legendary Ellen visit, which concluded when West apologized to DeGeneres’ audience, “I’m sorry for the realness.” “No apologies necessary. That was the realest daytime TV has gotten since Bob Barker neutered a cat on live TV. Did it right on the dinette set,” Colbert then stated.

“Now, a lot of people after seeing that are saying Kanye engaged in a rambling, incoherent word dump. I disagree. But I understand Kanye because we’re a lot alike,” Colbert said before launching into his own spirited diatribe packed with big dreams and nonsensical boasts….I’m sorry, I’m sorry late-night TV, I’m sorry for the realitude.”






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