jeopardy stud named Buzzy is dominating the game and trolling trebek

Jeopardy! Your parent’s favorite show has been fun as hell lately. Last week Louis C.K. beat out a couple of accomplished journalists to win $50K for his charity, and now there’s Buzzy Cohen (real name) who this week won $147,402 with an eight-day winning streak—trolling Alex Trebek the entire way.

He’s become a beloved figure in the Jeopardy! community (which is a thing!) for doing shit like this:


And with what may be the cockiest move in all of Jeopardy! history, this:


Buzzy Cohen may be the most divisive player in history. You either love him or you hate him. You either hate his smug grin and goofy glasses, or you are already making plans like this girl:


Good grief.

Watch Jeopardy! and follow Buzzy’s run weeknights at 7:30 PM, look here to find what channel in your area:



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