Nobody Likes Your Selfies More Than You

You really are your #1 fan. Turns out we’ve all beenoverrating the hotness of ourselfies.

Thanks to something known as self-favoring bias, you are more likely to think you’re attractive in selfies vs. pictures of you taken by someone else. This is because you have more control over your appearanceina selfie. You’re going to hold the camera at the exact angle that hides all your insecurities, and emphasizes your favorite features. Whereas everyone else will probably see plain old you, no matter theangle at which you hold the camera. In addition to no one really caring whether or not you take hot selfies, people are more likely to think you’re narcissisticwhen you frequently post selfies on social media.

No one decides if you’re hot based on a selfie. So if you’re thinking: “This is the one! I’ve finally taken the hottest selfie I can. I’ll send it to Chris and he’ll finally thinkI’m cute!” – think again. Selfies are like campaigning for office. No one is going to change theirvote onyour hotness based on selfies. If they know you in person, they have already decided if they wanna get with you or not. Selfies are merely campaign reminders for whoto keepin your rotationof 3am text disasters.


Here is a small collection of dog selfies for your enjoyment:


Beach selfie. Nice.


Hard af.


Apparently there’s a whole website for dog and cat selfies. What a time to be alive.

Update: I visited web design. 2/10.


Dog selfies. So hot right now.



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