“White Iverson” artist now pursuing country music

Big news in white rap. First Lil Dicky appears on Tim Westwood’s UK radio show to drop hishottest freestyle since Sway in the Morning. Then we find out that Post Malone, artist known for White Iverson(179 million views on YouTube), is pursuing avenues of music other than Hip Hop?!?

Welp, Malone didn’t appear on the famous cover of hip hop magazineXXL‘s Freshman Class, 2016 edition, which was released June 13. When interviewedonThe Breakfast Club, XXLEditor in Chief Vanessa Satten said that Post Malone’s “camp” (entourage) reported that Malone is no longer paying attention to hip hop, and is instead pursuing rock/pop/country. Therefore, he was not contacted as a potential artist for the cover.

This should come as no surprise since he told Faderlast year that he wants to be a country singer, but I wasn’t familiarenough with him to gauge how serious he was.

What’s your role in the rap ecosystem? The old country singers, they were badass, they were the American badass people. I’m an American badass. At 40 years old, I’m gonna be a country singer. That’s down the line. (via Fader)

I like that he’s switching avenues so quickly. Post Malone comesout with a hit, gainssome fame, and uses his well-deservedspotlight to show us his other talents. Total Justin Timberlake move. He recently appeared on Jimmy Kimmel singing his song “Go Flex” and playing acoustic guitar.

It’s a unique sound. Auto-tuned vocals over acoustic guitar. It’s like folk music meets pop-rap. Truly appropriate for a generation that’s been exposed to all types of music via the internet. He’s bound to build a largefan base throughout his career, which should last many more years seeing as he’s only 20 years old (he turns 21 on the 4th of July).

Plus, country/pop music is friggin’ hot right now. Don’t be ashamed to like country music. It’s good stuff.

FUN FACT: Post Malone was born in Syracuse, then moved to Dallas at age 9 when his father took a job with the Dallas Cowboys Organization as Assistant Director of Food and Beverage. Malone now lives in Los Angeles. Source

In other white rapper news, Mac Miller recently designed a shirtfor a website called Illegal Civilization.


Cool shirt.


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