Meet Grace VanderWaal, the Taylor Swift of the future

I promise to never waste your time with a performance that I personally think is awesome, except this one.

Grace VanderWaal took the stage of America’s Got Talent with nothing but a ukulele and a killer set of yellow pants. After judge Howie Mandel mentioned how beautiful she was about 3 too many times (she’s 12) she started playing her original song, “I Don’t Know My Name” and it hit everyone in the feels.

Her song reflects on being suppressed†by her older sister’s friends who didn’t know her name, and as the youngest of my family who spent years upon years trying to fit in with my older siblings and failing, this hits too close to home for me. I wish I channeled my outcast-youngest-child anger into beautiful art like this, but instead I just cried a lot.

Grace was awarded the “golden buzzer” which sends her straight to the live shows without a vote from the judges. A golden buzzer can only be used once every season and this was no doubt worthy of the cause.

“You know what I predict for you? I think you are the next Taylor Swift” – Simon Cowell


Can you imagine listening to this song if it was recorded in a studio with a full ensemble, mastering, and not performed live in front of 5,000 people? Well†I can, and I can’t wait for†Grace VanderWaaal to hit the airwaves just as much as Howie can’t wait for her to turn 18.



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