Queen Elizabeth II, the GOAT

Beyoncé, move over. The Queen of England is coming in HOT for her 90th birthday. The monarch herself graced the cover of the latest issue of Vanity Fair, but she didn’t do it alone. She rolls deep with a squad of corgis, and if you didn’t know about her corgi love already, please familiarize yourself.Queen-Elizabeth-II-Vanity-Fair-770x1081

There a couple of things we can learn from the Queen, one being that she celebrates her birthday twice a year; something we all wish we could do. She doesn’t let that dreary month of April be the only time to party, June’s her month to shine once more. She’s also 90 years old and still killing it, posing for portraits by the forever famous Annie Leibovitz.

Forget Queen B. I’m team Queen E.  Just consider the facts:

  1. She is literally a queen (I could probably just stop here)
  2. You can find her on Instagram, @theroyalfamily. Oh, and she sent her first email in 1976. Talk about futuristic.
  3. She joined the army in 1945 (Okay, ladies, now let’s get in formation, cause I slay)
  4. Since age 18, she’s owned over 30 corgis. Constantly being surrounded by dogs while also being the most famous person in your country doesn’t sound terrible.
  5. She’s been the world’s most adored matchy-matchy style icon for over 60 years. Just a couple of years ahead of anyone in the good old USA.

You go, girlfriend. Neon at 90 looks smashing on you.




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