Surprise: Your Dad doesn’t want a tie for father’s day

According to an online survey of 1000 dad shoppers on, Dads do not want ties for Father’s Day. (Ebates is a cashback shopping site. Total Dad move.)

Of  1,003 U.S adults surveyed, dads said they want getaways, 32 percent; to watch live sports, 31 percent; power tools, 28 percent; new tablets, 28 percent; and watches, 26 percent. Another 25 percent said they’d love some beer for Father’s Day. (via The Oklahoman)

Make note: most of the things they want involve not spending time with their families. Basically, your dad wants a vacation. If that’s not in the budget, he wants to wear his new watch while he follows a DIY guide on his new tablet, while the beer and the powertools drown out the sound of children banging on the garage door asking why there was no dinner tonight. Sorry kiddo, daddy is on a liquid diet tonight.

Understandable. All dads have enough ties already. How do you think he wooed mom? With his oxford unbuttoned showing off the Hanes tagless tee underneath? Nope. Your daddy had a nice collection of silk before you kids ever came into the equation.

Here are some other gifts not to give this Father’s Day.


It’s called the Potty Putter. Maybe just take the old man out for a real round of 18.


gift 5

Dads love multi-tasking. Moms love clean floors.


gift 3

Novelty chest hairs. Along with ties, your dad had plenty of these before you were born.


gift 2

I know it’s good coffee. When Bonnie goes shopping, she buys shit.


gift 4

Oops, must have switched the boxes. That explains why Mom got a banana hammock for Mother’s Day.

I will provide no links for these products. Do not buy your dad any of the above.





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