Late Night In The Morning: Nick Jonas talks about consuming a regrettable amount of weed and getting NARBS at bad times; Nick Jonas is one of us

Late Night In The Morningprovides a daily clip of what you missed in late night television so you can enjoy your beauty rest without missing out on the laughs. Today: Nick Jonas pays a visit to Jimmy Fallon (The Tonight Show/NBC) and tells Jimmy a funny anecdoteabout an unexpected boner at an awards show.

Jonas told his story leading up to his presentation at “The Young Hollywood Awards” (I’ve never heard of them either). He talks about his regret of eating a weed lollipop (heard), a NARB (also heard) and one joke he tried to tell while presenting that absolutely bombed (really heard). So here’s toknowing celebrities experienceteeth-clenching awkward moments too, it’s not just you! Happy Thursday!



P.S. What is it with wealthy guys wearing shirts with holes in them? When did that start and when does it end?



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