You should pee in the shower because it is actually really, really good for the planet

Despite what your S.O. says, scientists have proven that peeing in the shower will dramatically help save the planet. This may not be today’s top story, but it is the number 1 story.

IFL Science weighs in on the issue, noting that relieving ourselves while showering can help conserve water. In fact, estimating that people pee on average seven times a day, the site calculates that taking away one 1.6-gallon flush across 319 million Americans every day could conserve 185 billion gallons of water a year, which is no small matter.”

Some people I know argue against urinating in the shower but I have always been behind it, mainly because I do it. Why do I do it? Convenience…Have you ever flushed then hopped in the shower? Bad news. Have you ever said “I’ll flush when I’m done with the shower.” Bad news (for the next person to use the bathroom).

I’m not the only one behind this study, according to Buzzfeed, 81% of Americans admit to being mellow with the yellow. Albeit I have encountered a lot of naysayers who are against peeing in the shower, as if water-based urine is worse than the body soot you wash off or clumps of hair that comes from I don’t want to know where. You know what’s actually more contaminating than peeing in the shower? Using the toilet. When you flush a toilet, particles can fly up to 20 feet in the air, making your toothbrush, hair comb, water cup, facial tissues and anything else your naive-ass then caresses yourself with after loading it up with poopy-particles.

I’ll say it’s the lesser of two evils, but with the news that peeing in the shower saves 185 billion gallons of water a year should be enough evidence to silence any of the haters. I don’t even know how much 185 billion gallons is and neither do you, but it sounds like we’d be moving in the right direction if we’d all just wee in the shower once daily. My eco-footprint resùmè basically extends to one summer I rented a Prius while living in California and that’s about it. So I’m all aboard the pee stream and if you aren’t then you must just hate Mother Nature.

P.S. Gold’s Gym now owes me an apology for terminating my membership because I was saving the planet.




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