Late Night In The Morning: Jimmy Kimmel Gets Kids To Prank Their Dads For Father’s Day

Late Night In The Morning†is our daily service that provides the best clip from late night television so you can enjoy your beauty rest without missing out on the laughs. Today: Jimmy Kimmel (Jimmy Kimmel Live/ABC) continues his series of pranks for Father’s Day. He requested viewers send videos of their kids cat playing catch with their unsuspecting Fathers. The reactions are about as Dad as they get.

“Damnit Kennedy…it must be the sugar”

“Just stop. You stink like weed”

“Damnit Logan!”

“You hit me right in the nose with that you idiot”

“We have a tradition on our show,” Jimmy explained in last night’s episode. “Every Father’s Day, we challenge kids to mess with their dads, record it, and upload it to YouTube. This year, we asked you to play catch with your dad when he wasn’t expecting it. Just say, ‘Dad, catch!’ and throw something.”

I love these parent-based pranks because we have no idea who these Dads are, but moments of terror and anger like this immediately shine bright one’s true colors. I hate to say it but you can get a pretty good judgement on how stable†the family is based on the Father’s reaction to the child doing something out of line, especially when it’s a bag of flour to the face of a water bucket over the head. Plus†it was Father’s day and a majority of the Dad’s had a well-deserved drink in their hand which probably amplified (or suppressed) their reaction. If only they knew it would end up on national television….Enjoy


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