The new rage room (not for you, college freshmen)

College freshmen everywhere are confused to find out there’s another rage room in town. Not a place forthat oonce-oonce music and neon crop tops that the kids like, but a facility where people can go and beat the sh*t out of typical, household objects to relieve stress.

At first thought, it doesn’t sound like a bad idea. I’m sure many of us have come home from a long, frustrating day thinking about how sweet it would be to smash your television with a baseball bat or flush your iPhone down the toilet. And now it’s reality! We’re really making America great again boys and girls.

The more rage rooms that pop up across the good ol’ USA, it’s catching on that maybe this isn’t a business opportunity that a Shark Tank investor might be interested in. While I’m sure there’s plenty of waivers flying around before you shatter some fine China into 1,000 tiny pieces, it can’t be too completely safe to just let someone go at it in there.

Are these facilities vetting the individuals that come in? At the steep price of $50 for 15 minutes of raging, I imagine they’d be accepting open applications to walk through the door. While it’s not as intense as a shooting range, the fear is someone could take this 15 minutes as some sort of inspiration and duplicate those physical efforts at home –for real next time. Not even talking about anyone crazy or unstable, but I wouldn’t want to walk home (yes, I live with my mom) and see her going to town onour custom Amish cupboards with a hammer.

To me, it seems like an easy way to make a quick buck without thinking about the consequences of the service you’re providing. But, if there was one in upstate NY, you better believe we’d have someone on the 2BD team going two buttons deep on this one to find out for ourselves.



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