Donald Trump Singing “Donald Trump” by Mac Miller Is Way Better Than It Should Be

Let me preface this post by suggesting that if you don’t know Mac Miller’s song, “Donald Trump,”†take 3 seconds to 3 minutes to get familiar with the 2011 hit†rap.

That song was released 5 years ago and a lot has happened between then and now:

  1. 100 million+ views on YouTube
  2. Peaking at 75 on the Billboard Top 100
  3. Platinum Award from the RIAA
  4. A battle from the real Donald J. Trump…

Wiki: “However, the relationship between Mac Miller and Trump soured. In January 2013, Trump threatened him with a lawsuit for profiting off his name, calling him “Little” and an “ungrateful dog.” During Trump’s campaign for president in 2016, Mac Miller said on The Nightly Show with Larry Wilmore that Trump was “…an egomaniacal, attention-thirsty, psychopathic, power-hungry, delusional waste of skin and bones.”

On the 5th anniversary of the controversial tune Rostrum Records, the production company behind the song, released a montage-style cover of The Donald rapping the lyrics to the song he hated. He really hated it. Here is just a dash of the digital ammo Trump has unloaded over the years…

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Moral of the pictures: †I don’t think they were going to get Trump to volunteer for anything anytime soon so instead they took the high road while celebrating the 5th anniversary of the hit and they made this video. Admittedly, I like it way more than I should.


Bump it.

Video via Rostrum Records



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