Game of Thrones is Breaking Up With Us

We’ve all had that relationship that has turned into a ticking time bomb. Both people know the end is near, the writing is very obviously on the wall and it just becomes who is going to pull the plug and who is going to get to play the victim. Tick tock, tick tock.

Things will be going fine, you’ll be posting Instagrams that make your relationship seem flawless (even though everyone, including you, knows that’s a bunch of bullshit), text messages will be overflowing with kissy faces and heart eyes emojis and then out of nowhere the mood will change.

This shift in tone is more noticeable than a shift in the San Andreas Fault, but our hearts aren’t built to withstand an earthquake.

One person will begin to become more distant, all of a sudden they have a new job or responsibility and your hangout time will drastically decrease and then when they can spend time with you it’s much shorter than what you had become accustomed to.

This is what Game of Thrones is doing to us and we have no chance to break things off first, we’re in too deep, this isn’t mutual because one of us is actually in love (you always want to play the victim anyway, but it hurts that much more when you don’t have a choice). Over the last few weeks since the epic Season 6 finale the hints have been dropping left and right.

There will only be 13 episodes over the final two seasons

We can still hangout I’m just really busy, so I can’t stay too long.

Pshhh, yeah right. Save it GoT, we know what you’re doing, you’re laying the ground work trying to let us down easy. But you are our drug and just weening us off of you gently isn’t an option, a person can’t prepare for the type of withdrawal our hearts are going to experience.

This is what happens when every episode of your shows costs a zillion dollars to make and the caveat that if you split 13 episodes over 2 seasons you can film it as one and in turn you don’t need to give the actors a raise. A selfish move carried out by a selfish lover.

The premiere will be later than in previous seasons

Sorry, I’ve got to cancel plans tonight, but we’ll get together soon.

I understand *tries to hide utter disappointment while simultaneously battling a quivering lip* it makes sense now that it’s winter on the show that it’d be necessary to film later into the year… This is Thrones making things abundantly, almost insultingly, clear that it won’t be today, but the end is coming and there’s nothing that we can do about it.

After going on this six year long rollercoaster ride with arguably the best television show in history and perhaps the last ever that will be a must-watch-live event, we’re finally coming towards the home stretch.

This wasn’t any old TV show, in the era where Netflix and On Demand reign supreme we set aside an hour each week to dedicate our undivided attention and subsequently gave time out of the following days to discuss with anyone who would listen about the latest transgressions in Westeros.

But we’re all just another notch in the bed post and we have the next year or so to comes to terms with that before we fall into bed with a familiar muse just 13 more times.



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