Did Jon Bones Jones just become the new Crying Jordan face of UFC?

I’ll tell you what I know about UFC –not a whole lot. But when I was in college in Ithaca, New York, the streets were always filled with excitement any time the Western New York native and interim UFC Light Heavyweight Champion Jon Bones Jones was in town.

The story was that you would see this massive dude out at the bars, looking only a little out of place amongst the shoeless, dreadlocked vape smokers, and then you’d see him again the next day in the night-before’s outfit while your social media TL was filled with pics of the 6’4″ UFC star with a bunch of 4’11” college chicks, anxious to show their Tinder match of the night that they met a famous fighter at the bars.

So ever since those days, obviously I feel like I know the guy. My sporty friends will bring him up from time to time, keeping me posted on his recent bouts and when his name is mentioned in the press. It’s no secret Mr. Bones Jones has had some previous run-ins with the UFC, but today he’s back in the media’s eye full force as he faces another suspension after testing positive for drugs and disqualifying him from this Saturday’s UFC 200 event.

Gotta say I do feel bad for the party boy, especially when you check out his Jordan-esque crying photo from a press conference earlier today. He’s a talented athlete among a family of talented athletes, and you have to hope that he’s been working hard to get back on his feet after a couple of other rough patches. This one definitely stings.

But this is not a sporty post –really just trying to gauge some opinions on how these two sad, crying male professional athlete photos stack up against each other.

Who’s crying meme would win in a fight?







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