Who Is Really To Blame For Mischa Barton’s Tone Deaf Instagram Post?

Everyone grieves in their own way, though some to manage to do it in more appropriate ways than others. There will always be a slew of #ThoughtsandPrayers and a much (I can’t emphasize this word enough) smaller group that will actually be proactive and seek meaningful opportunities to create†change.

And then in a group all her own is a bikini wearing Mischa Barton.

The worst part about all this is that you know when she very meticulously crafted this “deep” and “inspirational” combination of photo and message and she thought she hit it out of the park. The moment send was pressed she sat back on her†multi-million dollar boat and thought about the shift in culture she was about to cause and imagined the entire country joining hands and singing Kumbaya as a celebration of this newly discovered peace would peak with the hanging of a framed version of her insta in the Oval Office.

mischa whitehouse.jpgFull disclosure: I don’t know what a ‘Just Jared’ is, but easier to give them a shoutout for the original photo then crop it†all weird.

Now even with all that said, Mischa is not the only person that deserves to be ridiculed, she actually should be praised for allowing us the opportunity to begin an important dialogue about another major issue.

And that conversation begins with a hard truth to swallow – we are all to blame for Mischa Barton’s mistake.

Now don’t get me wrong, some will have to shoulder more of the blame than others. The culprits are listed in order accountability.

  • People†who†frequently pair posts of photos with an irrelevant quote
    • Sub-group: people†who tweet inspirational cliches

Screen Shot 2016-07-08 at 7.01.35 PM copy




Yes… because glamour shots are the exact pairing I needed, I’m ready to change my life for the better right now, thank you…………….

Sidenote: there are just as many bros with workout photos, which†may be a worse offense, but those pictures are so unbearable they can’t even be surfed†through.

  • Friends who like/comment/retweet instead of speaking up against the obvious nonsense of these posts

The world would be a better place if instead of commenting “U r BEAUTIFUL bby gurl/boi,” they’d send a text and say “Hey… great picture, but the quote is a tad misplaced…”

  • The boyfriend/girlfriend of these posters who sit idly by as shame and embarrassment wash over them.

As a guy, I get it. You never want to upset your girl and cause a fight that can easily be avoided. But ladies, you have the power in the relationship at the end of the day, so tell your boyfriend to stop being a dickhead because no one cares about his #gainz bragging that he slaps†a quote about being a better person on the end of.

So, yeah Mischa Barton did not pick an awesome way to get her message out, but this is not a new issue. We’ve been feeding into this type of behavior since the dawn of social media and she just took the freedom we’ve all been wrongly afforded and ran with it. This is our chance to end this trend and fight for legitimate connection between photos and captions, don’t let your post end up on my next blog when an celebrity inevitably does something stupid.


In all seriousness the events of not just the past week, but the past years, are difficult to put into words and I can say for certain that I lack the†qualification to tackle them. However if you are one of the proactive people and have an idea how to actually make a difference the squad at Two Buttons Deep is here to help in any capacity possible.



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