Daily Dose of Greatness: Carpool Acapella (Pokèmon Theme Song)

This past weekend we were shooting our first Two Buttons Deep song parody (yeah that’s right, we (will) do song parodies) and on our way to location our two talented performers went off on an acapella version of the classic Pokèmon Theme Song.

There is a heavy chance this was inspired by the new Pokèmon Go! app which is being called “the best exercise app on the market” it has also been reported it takes a positive toll on user’s mental health. It is an interactive version of the classic Gameboy series for your iPhone. The new app takes you through a virtual map of your actual surroundings (via GPS) where you need to go to specific places in real life to catch the virtual Pokèmon. Does your head hurt yet?


Anyways, we were on the topic of the game, grabbed a few Margaritas in downtown Schenectady during a break from taping and on our way back this video was born, we call it, Carpool Karaoke…And it’s better than it should be.


Featuring Eden Neville & Xavier White




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