Bucket List Alert: Swim in a Pool of Sprinkles

Childhood fantasies can come true. For Maryellis Bunn (fun name), her dream was to swim in a pool of ice cream sprinkles.

“Through several iterations and constant searching throughout the world, I couldn’t find anything,” she says. “I decided to go ahead and build it myself.” (Eater)

From July 29th to August 31st, the Museum of Ice Cream will be popping up in Manhattan’s Meatpacking District, co-founded by Bunn. It will include a pool full of sprinkles where guests can fully immerse themselves, fulfilling fantasies ranging from innocent to perverted.

No need to call the health inspector, as the sprinkles won’t be real. It still sounds like a huge sanitation nightmare, though. That’s a lot of surface area for skin contact.

Anyway, the museum will cost $18 or $30 for couples. Of course, ice cream tastings are included in the ticket price. Pretty cheap idea to knock out a fantasy and a date in one! But please, no whoopie in the sprinkle pool. Maybe they’ll have lifeguards undressed like Katy Perry from the California Gurls video…


“No diving in the shallow end.”

You’ll be able to swing on an ice cream sandwich made for two, contribute to a giant “collaborative” sundae, and even enjoy edible balloons. Sounds like Willy Wonka’s factory to me.

Worth mentioning: the event is sponsored by Tinder. They’ll be setting up an exhibit called “Tinder Land” (like Candy Land?) where you can “discover your true flavor match” with a custom app. Whatever that means.

Ok, take us home Katy.






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