Capital Region gets one day of Uber’s sweetness

If you’re from upstate NY (which I hope you are so you can tell all your friends about 2BD), you’re probably aware that we’ve missed our shot on bringing Uber to the 518 and beyond for another year.


And that’s a bummer on so many levels. Every time I visit a city, whether it’s Boston, New York, Chicago, basically anywhere but Albany, I go out of my way to request an Uber whenever possible. I love each experience chatting with the driver, bumpin’ my beats and enjoying the city scenes from a clean, smoke-free and reliable vehicle.

Not to mention it’s a savior in the party scene, especially in our suburban area where it’s a 20-minute drive just to get to the same town as the bar you wanna go to. It’s a no brainer to me, but our legislature just won’t have it despite the major push made in June 2016.

Luckily for us, Uber is going to wipe away some of our tears by bringing a little taste of its sweetness to the 518 tomorrow afternoon. Tomorrow, feel free to open up your Uber app from 11 a.m. to 3 p.m., but don’t expect a ride just yet.

Instead,  users who hit “REQUEST” will get free ice cream delivered right to ya (3 Magnum bars, to be exact) thanks to the help of Uber’s awesomeness and partnership with Magnum Bars ice cream.

Can you say saaawweeeeet?

Another way to get the ice cream is to hit up Little Peck’s in Troy, NY where they’ll be talking Uber and handing out free treats for the afternoon. A great opportunity to check out a cool new local business, and hopefully get the scoop (get it) on Uber’s push to make its way onto our streets sooner rather than later.



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