Hell Yes: Governor Cuomo Unveils Plans to Redesign NYC’s Subway Cars

It seems subway cars have been the same since that episode of Hey Arnold where their train got stuck (I still have day-mares about that). Soon New York City Subway cars and stations will receive a major makeover, thanks to a plan unveiled by NY Governor Andrew Cuomo on Monday.

Plan Adds 1,025 Subway Cars, Including Up to 750 with “Open Car End” Design; New Features to Reduce Wait Times and Increase Capacity

Reveals Key Architectural Elements for Renovation of 31 Subway Stations throughout New York-Metro Area; Request for Proposals for First Three Stations to Be Issued This Week (governor.ny.gov)

FINALLY – our subway system is about get with the times. The best city in the world is about to have a subway system that can actually adapt to its residents’ unrealistically high standards instead of being a weird, horrible daily experience that New Yorkers rarely talk about because, “What are you gonna do about it?”

Some of the new subway car features:

Open Car End Design: Subway cars will now be attached by that weird accordion-looking thing you might see in the middle of a double-long bus, rather than this nightmare:


This will allow passengers walking between cars to avoid masturbating passengers maximize space utilization.

Wider Doors: The doors will now be 58 inches wide instead of 50 inches. This will allow passengers to enter and exit cars more quickly. “According to a computer simulation of passenger flow conducted on behalf of the MTA, in crowded scenarios wider doors can reduce a train’s ‘dwell time’ in the station by 32 percent.” Cool.

Customer Amenities & Security: The new cars will include WiFi, USB chargers, and security cameras.

Cameras! Good. Have you ever taken a subway ride? They’re terrifying during the daytime, let alone at night. As a defenseless man-child, I fear for my life every time I get on the 1 Train after a night of boozing. Falling asleep on a subway is asking to get robbed. Not that I could fall asleep on one of those awful cars anyway.

Besides the cameras and the expected decrease in delays, I’m very excited for WiFi. I mean, I’m all for not depending on technology, but having WiFi during any transportation time is phenomenal.

How soon can we expect these changes?

The MTA is using design-build contracts to expedite the process and ensure the shortest timeframe for project completion. These vital investments are part of the $27 billion, five-year MTA Capital Program to renew and expand the MTA network. (ny.gov)

There are tons more details, read about them here.

Now to just start working on the smell down there…



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