Late Night In The Morning: Melania Trump Defends Herself Against Plagiarism Allegations

Late Night In The Morningprovides a daily clip of what you missed in late night television so you can enjoy your beauty rest without missing out on the laughs. Today: Stephen Colbert(The Late Show/CBS) gives Melania Trump a chanceto defend herself against allegations of plagiarizing her RNC convention speech.

As I’m sure you are aware, Melania was accused (did) steal a large enough portion of her convention speech from Michelle Obama in 2008, where if it were a high school book report, you would be in sooooo much trouble.

It is clear that Melania did not write her own speech since I’m sometimes not even sure she knows what year it is. Speechwriters from the campaign have argued that the two first lady’s share “similar ideas” and that it was not plagiarized.


Nobody on Trump’s staff has been fired, maybe just a referral or after school detention but not fired…”If only there was somebody in the Trump campaign that enjoyed firing people.”

Stephen Colbert took the defense sincerely and properly gave Melania the platform of his late night show to defend herself and explain why what she said was original work and the result is…wait, is that really Melania?




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