Laura Ingraham Gives Nazi Salute After Speech At RNC

CLEVELAND- Conservative radio host Laura Ingraham definitely may have given a shoutout to Hitler and Nazi Germany after her speech at the RNC on Wednesday. Her speech pinpointed the Donald Trump hold-outs (lookin’ at you, Ted Cruz) calling for unity behind the nominee.

“We should all — even you boys with wounded feelings and bruised egos — we love you, but you must honor your pledge to support Donald Trump now,” she said.

As the crowd roared on its feet, she added: “Tonight.”

All good, it’s the convention, Trump is a controversial candidate and after winning the delegate count, he is officially the Republican nominee. †Not much they can do now. The issue is how closely Trump’s campaign resembles some of the worst times in history, like Nazi Germany. Trump has, at times, proposed a registry and surveillance programs for Muslims – eerily similar to the plan Nazis implemented against the Jews in the 30’s. But like they say, history doesn’t repeat itself. Right?

Nope, it does. And all was well with Laura’s speech about unifying behind her party’s candidate until she did this.


Is that a Nazi salute? Saved by a wave? Let’s see:

Na∑zi sa∑lute
  • a gesture or salute in which the right arm is straightened and inclined upward, with the hand open and palm down.
    Screen Shot 2016-07-21 at 2.40.36 PM.png

Arm up, palm down, murderous grin. Yup, that’s a salute, and Laura’s not alone…



How did Trump respond to this? He thanked her.

Screen Shot 2016-07-21 at 2.47.19 PM

Oh boy.†



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