Eric Andrè Trolling People At The RNC Is Next-Level Funny

The 2016 Republic National Convention had a lot of memorable moments. Let’s reminisce


  • Melania Trump ripping parts of Michelle Obama’s 2008 DNC speech.200.gif


  • Trump entering the venue in “ET comes home” fashion, to the notes of Queen’s “We Are The Champions” completely without authorization.




  • Laura Ingraham finished her speech with a Nazi salute.o7wojm4cuyqmuwhv4ns6-1.gif



  • Trump’s hand wandering around his daughter a little more than they should on national television.



  • The fact I realized Eric Trump looks like a 20 year old Voldemort giving it a shot in the business world.

Screen Shot 2016-07-23 at 1.32.05 PM.png


  • Trump attempting to kiss VP Mike Pence before getting a lesson from gay camp.giphy-3.gif


A lot of highlights from this go-around of an RNC, but THIS is my favorite.

Eric Andrè, host of The Eric Andre Show on Adult Swim filmed a remote trolling attendees at the RNC. He said ridiculous things to ridiculous people before getting pulled on stage by conspiracy theorist Alex Jones while leading a rally outside of the convention. With a microphone taped to the end of the long PVC pipe, Andrè was pulled on stage by Jones because he assumed Andrè was part of The Daily Show. What happened after is worth watching this video for. God Bless rag-doll comedians like Eric.


“Coachella sucks this year”



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