Wait, The Last VCR Was Made When?

When was the last VCR made, you ask? Trick question… IT SOMEHOW HASN’T HAPPENED YET.

That’s right, VCRs, you know those things you’d record every episode of Friends on? The beautiful devices that made bedtime a non-issue way back when? Those things that got steamrolled by DVDs? Yes, those clunky boxes are still getting churned out and will continue to be until July 30th of this year.

Funai Electric of Japan is the last company out there still fighting the good fight, but even this obscure electronics manufacturer won’t die on that hill, the white flag has been waved.

The company stated that it is ceasing production due to the difficulty in finding the parts necessary to build them. Uh, no shit, it was hard enough to find a graph of VCR sales that extended past 1986, but I’m out here to serve so here’s one, albeit one that lacks virtually any detail besides the fact no one is buying VCRs anymore.


Fungi’s VCR sales peaked at $15m and last year they sold 750,000 units, which in other words means there are 750,000 serial killers on planet Earth as I type this. Seems odd that our presidential nominees are not focusing more on this MAJOR problem.

The last movie that got a wide release on VHS wasA History of Violence in 2006, even Wal Mart gave up on the VHS in early ’06. So, how the hell did the VCR outlast the last thing made to be played on them by a decade? Do you know what was going on 10 years ago? I don’t, but that’s what Wikipedia is for and here are the highlights:

  • The Winter Olympics were in Turin, Italy
  • George W. Bush was President
  • Twitter was founded and later launched
  • Bird Flu was poppin’ off
  • Jackson Pollack’sNo. 5, 1948 sells for $140m becoming the world’s most expensive painting
  • An American comic and actor, RED BUTTONS, passed away (RIP)
    • And so did Steven Irwin (double RIP)
  • It was the International Year of Deserts and Desertification (not to be confused with the delicious post dinnertreat)
  • Andrea Bargnani was the #1 pick in the NBA Draft and the Knicks were stupid enough to draft Renaldo Balkman (I guess 2006 isn’t so different from the present day after all)

And you know what’s happened since then? A lot of f—ing stuff.

Absolutely mind boggling that the VCR has endured this long, likely on the dollars and sense of weirdos in their mom’s basement crushing episodes of the Twilight Zone, but nonetheless, July 30th will be the end of an era and may we pay homage to one of the most important devices of our youth.





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  1. Sue Swishy

    Idiots.getting rid of the vcr.don’t they know it is the best recording device ever made?


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