Late Night In The Morning: Death. Taxes. Hillary. (Song)

Late Night In The Morningprovides a daily clip of what you missed in late night television so you can enjoy your beauty rest without missing out on the laughs. Today: Stephen Colbert(The Late Show/CBS)performs an epic cold open mocking the DNC under the title “Death. Taxes. Hillary”

Late night had a late night last night, because each show has been startingwell past midnight (normal airtime is 11:34PM) – the DNC runs until 11:30 and the local news still needs to run after that.

So there I was, eating boston bean vanilla ice cream trying to keep my eyes open as the local CBS affiliate (shoutout CBS 6 WRGB) wrapped up their program. I was expecting The Late Show to kick off with a tongue-in-cheek cold open, per usual, but I instantly was warped into four minutes of the trip entitled “Death. Taxes. Hillary.”

TheIndian-Rajah-Pop musical-esque performance Stephen rolls through the destiny that is our DNC, pronouncing the diversity within’ the room, confetti made from shredded emails and a transcending performance which will make you wish you smoked weed before watching it. Or did you?

“Welcome to the DNC, a dimension of sight, sound, and Hillary”


Watch Stephen’s similar intro to last week’s RNC, Christmas In July



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