When Your Wife Makes History But You Are Captivated By Balloons

What a week it was at the DNC. Unsurprisingly it is much harder to assemble a list of memorable mishaps like we did for the RNC. Other than the California Bernie delegates being blocked out of their seatswith a white noise box above their section,it was a powerful, professional and maybe most importantly, original convention.

Just like the RNC there were lots of good speakers and aesthetically pleasing visuals, but it was what happened after all of the speeches on the final night that became my favorite part of the whole thing. Bill Clinton being captivated by 110,000 balloons falling from the ceiling.

I will give it to him, 100k balloons around you will trigger the inner-child of just about every American who ever spent a day in the McDonald’s ball pit. But the way he simply walked away from the celebration of the potential next President and Vice President to play with and kick the balloons had me actually L.O.Ling…Did he not get a balloon drop when he ran for President? Does Hillary not let him play with balloons at home? Or is Philadelphia weed just that good?

Whatever it is, I’ll have what Bill’s having.




And of course, a quick moment for the poor souls that had to pop 110,000 balloons with the poppysticks.




How do you feel?

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