74-Year-Old Grandma Handing Out Her Mixtape At Gas Station Becomes Rap Sensation

Do you need the powerful word of God set to some 808s? Then boy have we hit the jackpot.

Lyrical Lively – a 74-year-old grandmother whose real name is Sister Bobbie Lively was at a gas station in Pearl, Mississippi handing out mixtapes of her rap album “Uh Huh.” The album entered the hands Keith_The_God who tweeted the a video with a verse from her album which has since been retweeted over 55,000 times. A well deserved 55,000 times.

“She gave me her CD at [the] gas station. She 74 rapping for Jesus,” Brown tweeted.



Lively is a minister, theology teacher and former missionary, but her alter-ego may have been God’s bigger plan. According to Keith, Lively’s newfound PR person, Lively is NOT in the game for fame or fortune, rather she simply wants people to find Jesus through her music. Her music is available on Apple Music, Spotify, Tidal, but for you cheap-os who can’t support artists like Lively with your coin, here’s a playlist of her songs on YouTube.

My personal favorite? Wake Up, Step Up - because it makes me feel like the world of doing molly and going to church finally have a reason to intersect.

“The devil’s crowd has no hope. Cussin’ and fussin’ and doin’ dope”

“If young Moses doesn’t trust you imma shoot you”

“Your friends your pals do not mean well, but watch out,watch out, they’ll lead you to hell”

When told about her newfound fame, this is how Lively responded


Even musical icons like Questlove have weighed in on how fire this album is. https://www.instagram.com/p/BIX9OXAhVSG/

Also, the internet can’t even handle it.

When was the last time an album got reviews like this?



P.S. She also has a book on Amazon called “The Woolly Worm”


Here’s part of the description:

The Woolly Worm! The metamorphosis of the woolly worm will leave you with a deeper appreciation of God’s designs. When we look at a furry worm we rarely have the insight or information that equips us to think of a beautiful butterfly or moth.

Also here is her Author bio:

Sister Bobbie Lively accepted her call to preach many years ago. She has been a pastor, evangelist, and prison outreach minister. Her calling includes ministry for children especially in home and foreign missions. She has earned a bachelor’s degree in Counseling and Christian Education from the Lighthouse College. She is licensed with United Pentecostal Church International. Her life experience has been teaching Bible classes in the church, in the home and in mission settings. Her avocation is Christian music and outreach. Since 2002 she has enjoyed being a part of JNT congregation and is ordained by Jesus Name Tabernacle, Inc., whose pastor is Dr. Jean Holland.


God bless the internet.




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