Incredible Dancing at the Saratoga Race Track

There we were at the Saratoga Race Track. Makin’ bets and drinkin’ beer on a hot, hot Saturday in Upstate, NY that really put our deodorant to the test. Along our wandering between races, we stumbled upon this performance. Two captivating dancers movin’ and groovin to a bunch of old guys jamming out. I call that art in its purest form.

We gave em a chance and parked up in the audience circle and saw what they had, and boy were we glad we did. The band featured is Reggie’s Red Hot Feetwarmers, and the dancers with the warm feet are Samantha and Brian. We stalked both parties online and saw these artists have been bringin’ it for a long time, in their respective forms. Checkout what we captured.



Watch until the end to hear the Feetwarmer’s original song about Saratoga.

P.S. Props to Brian for wearing that shirt and pants and not sweating. I’m not kidding it was really hot and sunny.



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