Let Me Talk Fashion – Bringing back the pant suit

Ihaven’t gone Two Buttons Deep on this general subjectyet as we’re still in the early stages of our site, but once we’re up and running with some regularbeatsfor our readers to follow, fashion is one that I hope to dive into quite a bit.

For now, we’ll be basic and call it Let Me Talk Fashion, because let’s face it –fashion is completely up to the individual. This is just oneopinion, and I’m not the voice of themasses (even though I wish I could be).

When Joan Rivers passed away (R.I.P. my girl), I like to think she sent down a signal tome, yes, me, and said: “Taylor, you got this. Dress classy, dress sassy and please for the love of God don’t let the Fashion Police die!”

While I’m not nearly as funny or fabulous as her, I do my best to keep an eye out for all things fashion forward or way, waybackwards. And tonight as I watched my nightly dose of cheesy entertainment news, my heart stopped whenthe line quickly crossed between fashion and politics and an unthinkable statement was spoken:

Hillary Clinton has brought back the pant suit.

*Deep breath.*

She what?

She brought it –back?


And if you’re thinking I’m appalled that pant suits are apparentlynow back in style, you’re wrong. I f*cking love them. But whoa whoa whoa, slow the brakes. Mrs. HRC has not been the most trailblazing female in the fashion world today or ever in history.

Yes, she’s the first female presidential candidateand that’s just fantastic, but don’t you dare credit her with the return of a fashion statement like the pant suit! Have some respect! She’sno Michelle Obama, who hasmost certainly slayed during her eight-year term as First Lady. It’s obvious our future female Commander in Chief could usea serious fashion overhaul.

Back to the pant suit. Pantsuits rule. It’s all aboutwomen taking on the menswear trend, whether it’s in the office, out at the bar or on the red carpet, and glamming it up with a pair of pumps, statement jewelry or a shocking hair style. It’s about confidence, clean lines and a tailored look that makes you forget that it’s the same item of clothing that Hillary Clinton puts on her body every day. John Oliver sure got to the heart of her true fashion inspiration these days (you’re an un-funny fool if you don’t click that link).

If anything, HRC is putting this super sweet style to shame. Stop talking about the emails and the politics, and let’s #MakePantSuitsGreatAgain.

And for future reference: Trythis, not that. 2012 vs. 2016. Get with it, Hillary.



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