Cat People Are Finally Getting a ‘W’

I’m a dog person and that will never change. Let me reiterate before we get started, that will NEVER change, but when a feline gets photographed for the first time in a decade that’s kind ofbig news. And it’s even bigger news when that feline is a hardcore MFerthat drinks the blood of its prey.

This rare beast is the Arabian sand cat orFelis margarita(it was giventhe margarita name because it is notorious for getting drunk off the blood of its victims) (that is a lie, but would be so awesome. Also I don’t know anything about Latin names and I don’t care to find out more).


This vampire/kitty hybrid resides innorth Africa, the Arabian Peninsula and central Asiaand is described as being “evolutionarily equipped for stealth,” which is hands down the most badassdescription a species can possibly possess. Way to go human race, we’re evolutionary equipped to play Pokemon Go and watch Netflix and little more.

Aside from using blood to hydrate itself in its water scarce home, the 4-8 pound assassin has special pads on its very tiny paws that leave virtually no tracks. They’re also very aware of light and instinctively crouch down and shut their eyes to elude eye tracking devices (!!!). Think about that the next time your stupid little cousin blinds you with a laser pointer.

And just when you thought dogs would rule the Earth (and our hearts) forever, the feline community finally has a real hero to lean its head on. The Arabian sand cat is to all the weird cat people as LeBron is to all the weird Cleveland people, a ray of hope.

So, shoutout to Shakeel Ahmed and the 278 nights of filming he did to bring this little monster back into the public light.

These guys are so elusive the last population estimate is from 2005 and sat south of 250 in total. Whenever one of you wants to step up and start a campaign to save these Dracula/secret agent cats sign me the hell up. Godspeed young feline, may you forever prosper.





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