Meet The Classical Musician Who Makes Music Specifically For Cats

David Teie is a classical cello player for the National Symphony Orchestra who has also played cello with Metallica. And now he makes music for cats! Why? David said “It’s one thing to think what’d it be like for me to be a cat, it’s another thing to try and figure out what is it like for a cat to be a cat”

Put down the weed, Dave.

Never mind pick it back up, this is pretty cool.

When David invented “species specific music” in 2009, the New York Times called it “the year’s number one idea.” How could it not be? Crazy cat ladies just got some fresh ammunition in the lifelong battle for feline affection. This is HUGE.

“From a time they were worshipped as gods, to a time they are worshipped online, cats have had to listen to music they often don’t really like…until now.” David exposes how he composes the music and his ultimate goal of communicating with cats in something like their language. “A sound of suckling is a rewarding sound that the cats would have heard when their brains were forming.”

In the video accompanying his website and Kickstarter campaign, some of Instagram’s favorite cats are shown listening for the first time to music designed for them. In the video, Nala, Bacon, City the Kitty and Cole and Marmalade appear to react variably with surprise, confusion or contentment. Will it work for your average non-internet famous cat? According to science, the answer is yes! Will people buy it? According to data, the answer is yes!

The “Music for Cats” project joins a pet market that was worth more than $74 billion last year, where marketers have been successful selling pet products and treatments often associated with humans. Those who see their pets as family members (referred to as “pet humanization”) are very much inclined to spend money on things they themselves would appreciate. The cat music can now be added to a list including spa treatments, artisan food and designer clothes.

My favorite part of this whole story? David is allergic to cats and doesn’t own any.


Here are actual testimonies from the website:

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Mr. Teie said he wants to bring “the beauty and comfort of music to as many species as possible.” Next up: dogs. (AND I CAN’T WAIT)

Here’s another video on the phenomenon.



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