Forever 21 Momentarily Forgets The Internet Exists, Rips Off Sporty & Rich

“Imitation is the sincerest form of flattery,” except when done under extremely dodgy circumstances.

Don’t worry they won’t.

Forever 21 is back at it againwith subpar copycat tactics and this time the target wasComplexeditor Emily Oberg’s Sporty & Richwith the extremely *gags* creative “Smart & Pretty.” Peep the attempt below:

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When @forever21 copies you ❤️

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And the source material:


Oberg has said she won’t bother with legal action, which you can’t blame her for as it seems like more of a headache than anything.

Sporty and Rich has blown up since its creation, besides the clothing portion there’s a dope magazine as well that sold out its first printing almost immediately and people we’re perusing the web looking to pay a premium trying to get their hands on it.

(Lucky for you there’s been additional printings since then, so you can cop one from the site, which is linked above).

Aside from this endeavor, Oberg is also responsible for the uber popular “Get Sweaty,” video series via Complex where she works out with various celebs.

So, this little stunt won’t hurt Oberg’s career by any means, but it does make Forever 21 look beyond pathetic, but as you’ve seen that doesn’t appear to bother them.

It’s absolutely mind boggling that in an age where everything ends up on the internet that the company would even try this to sell a couple of lousy hoodies.

Just when I thought they were only good for creating labyrinth-like hells for boyfriends to get lost in while their girlfriends navigate them like some sort of modern day Magellan, they go ahead and surprise me with this.

There’s nothing worse than getting caught red handed with knock-off gear, so shop at your own riskand don’t reward companies that are too lazy or out of touch to come up with their own ideas.

Stay woke out there in the dangerous fashion streets and take every opportunity to roast a company that’s hauling in truck loads of money like a regular Scrooge McDuck.Screen Shot 2016-08-10 at 7.37.58 PMgiphy



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