Your Favorite Athlete’s Favorite “New” Trend

Platinum blonde hair, so hot right now, absolutely scorching.

The hottest trend of Summer ’16 is in full swing with Ryan Lochte gracing the Olympic medal stand with his new do.

Prior to his decision to take “Look good, feel good, play good” to the next level, Arsenal and Wales’ Aaron Ramsey donned the look for the 2016 European Championships and even the greatest soccer player of all time (the Pope said so, don’t @ me) followed suit and got it done.


And ever since Goku went Super Saiyan for the first time, every kid has been dying for their chance to rep the look, which is synonymous with power, confidence and just an overwhelming air of superiority.

I used “new” in the headline lightly, guys have been dabbling (errr…well trying to) in this form of greatness for years now.


David Beckham did it.


The other Beckham kind of did it.


Sex addict Tiger Woods even gave it a go for a while.


In 2014 Adam Levine maybe got a little too drastic with it.


In 2015 Max Greenfield of New Girl tried.. and failed so spectacularly at it.


Perhaps if the Biebs decided to go sans disgusting peach fuzz he could’ve killed it.


And the latest member of the club is Real Madrid’s James Rodriguez.

As you can see this trend has been making the rounds for over a decade at this point, but it took the giant stages of summer competition to really put it back on the map and I for one could not be happier.

Forty years from now you’ll have your grandkid on your knee and he’ll ask, “Pop pop, how’d you and grandma meet?” and you’ll reply, “Well, I had just gotten my hair dyed platinum blonde… and the rest is history.” Feel free to leave out the part where you had experiences with a zillion other girls as a result of your new look, they don’t need all the gritty details.

Most importantly don’t let the haters get you down, whenever you need validation look no further than to strangers on the world wide web:

….. as I scrolled Twitter it was actually harder than I thought to find more than a single positive tweet…. but, there’s nothing cooler than going against the grain, right? ….right!?

Even Men’s Health recently dropped some knowledge on why you should and how you can go about going full blonde, including this quote, which I think seals the deal:

Ian Michael Black, Aveda Global Artistic Director, says go for it: “Whether it’s what you wear, or what color your hair, it’s about wearing it with confidence.” Bleaching your hair is a power move, and a cool way to update your look.

Make your appointments now, I don’t know how this look will play as it gets closer to winter, so better take advantage of the summer while it lasts. I’ll see you at the salon.



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