Let Me Talk Fashion: News anchor attire

In the eyes of the masses, a news anchor has something of a dream job. Whether it’s a gig at a local station or national network, there’s a sense of importance, responsibility and pride that comes along with delivering hard-hitting news to an audience who repeatedly tunes in and lays eyes on you every single day.

People trust you to be professional, accurate and respectable, whether you’re broadcasting silly, viral videos or sharing devastating updates on a natural disaster or attack.

Aside from an anchor’s tone of voice, interviewing skills and camaraderie with his or her across-the-desk counterparts, there’s one more crucial element in building that trust and preference in a single reporter or entire station: the outfits.

And that, my friends, is why we’re talking fashion. It’s about style. I’d kill to have hundreds, thousands or millions of people checking out my outfit every day. And while not every anchor gets to chill in the hair and makeup room with a stylist on hand, there’s certainly some tricks and tips our friends at the local channels could use.

I’ve got a lot of basic advice to dish out if only I had an inside source to get me closer to the camera. And keep in mind, this is still very applicable (and should be mandated) for us common folk off-screen. Here’s just a few fashion “musts” that we all must abide by:

  1. Quality over quantity. This is a universal tip for both men’s and women’s fashion. Have you ever browsed through a rack at Marshall’s or a similar store where all designer brands and price points are consolidated into one? Every time I do, I find myself grabbing the item that feels the best. I pluck it off metal bar, hold the garment in my hands, and immediately think, ”Oh, this is so mine.” Until my jaw drops because 9 times out of 10, it’s the only $200 item on the discount rack. You can feel the quality when you hold it, and that means that you can see the quality too –even on camera. While having a full closet sounds simply fabulous and looks great from afar, when you’re spending money on clothes (especially in your adult life) quality over quantity goes a long, long way. So for a news anchor, think twice before you throw on that Forever21 LBD with a white bra shining through.
  2. Easy on the patterns. There’s nothing worse than turning on the nighttime news thinking your TV is interrupting you with those flashing rainbow bars. Come to find out, it’s actually your on-air personality with way too much going on. Larger patterns can be tasteful, if the color palette is limited and the shape of the garment works for your body type. It’s the oldest rule in the fashion book that horizontal stripes make all of us appear larger –so don’t forget it. Solids are your best bet when trying to look classy and professional. And if you’re sick of the neutral colors, don’t be afraid to stand out with a seasonal solid like a bright yellow, flower petal pink or royal blue.
  3. Fit comes first. Find yourself a good tailor if that have-to-have outfit doesn’t fit right off the rack. We can hardly focus on the weather forecast when your shoulders need NFL-sized shoulder pads to fill the empty space in your suit. Same for the gals; tailored looks simply look best. Stay away from bodycon while the lens is looking your way, and try a fitted skirt with a peplum top instead to even things out.

Shoutout to my fave anchors out there who are doing it right. We can all learn from you. Until next time, it’s onward and upward in the fashion world.



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