On your mark, get set, swipe!

The 2016 Olympic Tinder games are well underway! What sets the Rio games apart from all the previous Olympics? Itís not the beautiful landscape of Brazil or the awful publicity thatís been behind the games leading up to it. It may be the green algae pools, but thatís not what Iím talking about either.

Itís something a little more private and intimate. Thatís right; itís the hippidy dippity, the bump bump, and touching fuzzies. Olympians have always had hook ups at the games so this is nothing too taboo from previous years, but why is there a huge increase of this activity in Rio?

The experts say Tinder, and by experts I had no idea there were experts on Tinder, but the social media app just makes it easier for the athletes to meet and hook up.

Along with the 10,000 athletes that are living in a 31-building compound far away from Rio’s iconic beaches of Copacabana and Ipanema, it’s like theyíre being handed condoms and told to get out there and conquer.

Wait a minute, they are being handed condoms. Olympic organizers have noticed. Some 450,000 condoms have been allocated for athletes, more than three times as many as in London. Thatís like freshman orientation but multiplied by 5,000, and without any RA making it very weird by hitting on incoming freshman.welcometocollege


What does each team think about it?

The truth is you probably canít stop them so like the old saying goes, if you canít beat them join them. Although you could take that out of context and then things get real weird. Coaches arenít necessarily promoting bumping and grinding between athletes, but they also arenít saying itís off limits. The Australian officials even went out of their way to announce that athletes are allowed to use social media dating sites.

A massive increase in mobile dating first appeared during the 2014 Winter Games in Sochi after Olympic organizers toned down strict social media guidelines that had been in place for previous games. But with the apps becoming more and more popular, it doesnít seem like the trend is going to stop anytime soon. Eventually we may have to air drop condoms to the resorts athletes are staying at.

So with no sign of slowing down I say we embrace the hook up games 2016. The athletes need to blow off steam just like any of us sub-par high school athletes need to. So light some candles and get swiping because just like any other event at the games, I want good ole USA to take home the gold. So get out there boys and girls and make Uncle Sam proud.phelps



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