Next level nonsense: Naked Donald Trump

Someone owes a big apology to the streetwalkers of New York, Cleveland, Los Angeles, San Francisco and Seattle today. There’s some things in life you just can’t un-see, and these life-sized naked Donald Trump statues are for sure one of them (shoutout to Getty Images for the nightmare fuel heartbreaking photos at the statue scenes).

Basically, the activist group INDECLINE who yup, you guessed it, is anti-Trump, placed naked statues of the big man himself in several major U.S. cities.

While I’m sure this group intends to 281085c6e7d7d6059b8586abcb084621bring even more humor into the already disastrous political race (not the ha-ha kind, but the crying/smiling emoji kind), they’re also making a point. Their statement said, we need to help ensure that Trump “is never installed in the most powerful political and military position in the world.”

Touché guys, but is this going do to the trick? Are you persuading voters with this nonsense? To put it in the words of every single one of your Facebook friends, “I try not to get involved in political discussions, but….”

I can’t help myself on this one. This is just such a bizarre move I have to question where we’re at here with this election. As if it hasn’t been unbearable enough!

Sh*t, the nightly news is laughable on its own. Trump’s tweets, statements and speeches help him dig a deeper whole every day. Who’s the funny guy that thinks we need to now see him NAKED to further develop our already bad thoughts?

But of course, people are doing a little bit of everything with it:

  1. Demanding the statues are taking down
  2. Taking selfies with the statues, hugging it, defacing it…who knows
  3. Wondering how realistic its “features” are, and maybe even doing some self comparisons (I’m sparing you from the graphic below-the-belt images)


At the end of the day, it’s so great to see people expressing their artistic talents to illustrate cellulite on our GOP nominee’s behind. It’s inspiring, truly. And now you’ll be thinking of those nauseating details until November, I know you will.




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