As Summer Internships Come To An End

Itís that time of year again. No Iím not talking about all the fall emoji tweets that come from the white girl you follow on twitter, or the memes of the “Hocus Pocus” witches with the caption ďcanít wait for hoodie weather and this!Ē2bd pic

Iím talking about summer internships coming to an end and packing up all that experience and knowledge from your temporary job back to school with you. Some people take more away from their jobs than others. Some even have the option to return to the place full time after they graduate! For anyone in that situation, good for you, you accomplished exactly what you intended.

There is a small fraction of people, like myself, that have had a different kind of experience at their internships, but just as important as landing the job you want. We select few have had the privilege to learn exactly what we DONíT want to do for a living. Looking around at each desk you have an outer body experience. For all you 20 something year olds out there this is a gratifying moment. Youíre sill as lost as you ever were but you did manage to get rid of one of your options. Like being on the bachelor and not giving a rose to the cute girl that you could be ďokayĒ with if you were desperate enough, but why settle for ďokayĒ when you can stretch it out for a couple more episodes and find your real love at the end!


The important part about internships if you donít have an exact idea of what you want to do is to try new things. Being the age that we are, we still have the ability to start fresh. Weíre not too deep into a marriage or mortgage yet where we canít try to find our passion.† Think of it as being at the crazy soda machines in a Moeís and having no line behind you. You can try any combinations of Fanta and Coke you want, and if you donít like it you can just pour it out and start over. I know it sounds a little gross, but I usually go for the peach sprite myself. (10/10 would recommend).

No matter what jobs you do try donít let anyone discourage you by telling you itís not a ďrealĒ job. Itís a big pet peeve of mine. Usually itís a relative so I try to keep to myself instead of throwing down with them verbally, but what constitutes a real job? The fact that youíre going to do it as a career? Obviously no one really wants to be a waiter for their whole life (shutout to my cousin Chrissy) but there are a lot of hard working people in those types of jobs that are just lost along the way to their eventual career.† Itís unfair to say they arenít working a ďrealĒ job when theyíre trying new things just like me and you.

If thereís anything I want you readers to take away from this article is donít be afraid to try things. Sometimes you have to struggle in those situations until you find out what it is youíre truly passionate about. Every career you can cross off your list brings you closer to the bae job.† So keep trying, until you find your peach Sprite.



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