What do we talk about now that the Olympics are over? Cute animals, of course

There’s good news days and slow news days. Fast ones, and unbearably slow ones where the entire production crewhas their fingers crossed for a story that will bring even the slightest hint of excitement across the desk.

And this morning, as I rushed to the television at 7 a.m. sharp as I always do for the opening credits of Today(I swear I’m 22, not 72), I couldn’t help but think what they’d talk about now that the gangisback from broadcasting in Rio.

The Olympics are so exciting! Mind blowing-ly talented athletes who also seem to double as super models, making great memories and achieving more than we could ever dream of? Yup, I’m buying into it for all 17 days and soaking up every interview, instant replay and “biting the medal”photo. It’s definitely disheartening to know it’s over for now.

So how does a newsroom cope with the end of a constant, exciting storyline like the Olympics? Do they drudge up an old murder case? Predict torrential downpours?

Of course not! They talk about cute animals. I swear I don’t hear about theses stories any other time of year or on any old day. The myth about sending a rookie reporter out to cover the cat fashion show or the shelter adoption clinic must be true. Today it wasreal.

But I learned a lot, you guys. So here’s your daily recap of cute and/or disturbing animal news to help you cope with the Olympics coming to a close.

1. Baby panda gets a birthday bash, falls asleepbefore blowing out the candles

The National Zoo in Washington, D.C. held a first birthday party for Bei Bei the panda over the weekend. Unfortunately, the little guy passed the F out before biting down on his cake made of frozen fruit. Can you blame him?

Bei Bei

2. Camels are destructive and dangerous

The nightly news dedicated a whole five minutes to let us know that camels are dangerous animals. If you let them into your car in the desert with a 2-year-old baby on your lap, they’ll bite the baby’s head. How do I know this? They showed me a sweet vid, man. *I have no idea who this information is applicable to this time of year.*


3. Today is getting a new puppy (had to save the best for last)

Winner, winner! Here’s the cute animal news we’ve been dying to hear. Last year, the Today Show had a an adorableguide dog to-be on the show for a couple of months to supporta good cause, and this year they’ll be doing the same with a black lab from a nonprofit that helps out America’s veterans. Just another reason to tune in.




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