Late Night In The Morning – Stephen Colbert Tells The Audience An Emotional Story About The Craziest Thing That’s Ever Happened To Him

Late Night In The Morning provides a daily clip of what you missed in late night television so you can enjoy your beauty rest without missing out on the laughs. Today Stephen Colbert (The Late Show/CBS) tells a story to the audience about the craziest thing that has ever happened to him.

Per tradition of David Letterman, Colbert’s predecessor of The Late Show, the host talks to the audience and answers questions before the show. Then he runs backstage and before the music starts he says, “When I come back out pretend like it’s the first time you’ve ever seen me.”

Most questions are fairly light:  ”Who’s your favorite guest?…How many suits do you have?…Hey Stephen, can you listen to my rap album?” – all actual questions I heard when I attended a taping in April. But the show uploaded a Q&A today that ended with Stephen telling a significantly emotional story about his past and a chance of fate.

Stephen’s Father died tragically when he was 10 years old, but when he was on a shoot in Arizona during his very early days with The Daily Show, he ran into a very old man who, by fate, had a connection with Stephen’s father. It goes like this:


Shortly after taping he backed up the story with this picture

Screen Shot 2016-08-24 at 9.58.22 AM


Coming in second place for today’s late night in the morning is Jimmy Fallon, Donald Glover, Simone Biles and four other USA gymnasts (sorry) playing Hungry Hungry Humans, aka Hungry Hippos, but with humans…guaranteed to crack a smile on your face, especially if our main story made you sad.



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