The 2BD Podcast Episode 5 (w/ The 518’s King Of Rap – B.Martin)

The 2BD Podcast is a weekly podcast exposing topical greatness directly in to your ears. Hosted by radio prodigy and 2BD’s very own, Cannon.

This week Cannon and special co-host Zach “Mayor of the 518” Helton discuss how playing outside today differs from the 90’s, how Instagram can tell if you’re depressed, and the art of mailbox smashing.

This week’s episode also features an interview with the 518’s very own king of rap music, B.Martin. Brendan Martin, a graduate of Colonie High School and SUNY Albany, rose to fame when he won Hot 97’s “who’s next” competition in 2012. He is known for making hits with Juicy J and Kendrick Lamar, the SUNY Anthem, and also collaborating with our good friend Xavier White.

In our exclusive interview with B.Martin (which starts at the 36 minute mark), he sheds light on his new EP, Letters To Lauren. All songs are based on his love for his real-life girlfriend Lauren Dani, who recently represented Kazakhstan in Miss Asia 2016. Martin tells an incredibly bizarre story about how the couple met in the middle of nowhere in California, how their love has grown since over 3+ years and why he chose to make his new music all about her. Martin also focuses on writing music about respecting women and relationships and making love cool again, or in his words “bringing it back to 20’s type love where men put their coats down over puddles for their girl.”

His new EP Letters To Lauren will be released one song per week, every Monday, aka #MartinMondays. So far two songs have been released, Girl To Love & Let It Go.

To follow B.Martin and all of his new music, like his Facebook or Youtube.


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